Monday, January 28, 2013

Streams of Learning

For me learning is no longer an event, a course or instruction.  Instead it is a journey marked by a  kaleidoscope of colorful streams that weave together and spring apart.  Perhaps that is what is causing the confusion with those I work with.  Rather than creating streams of questions, knowledge points and inquiry topics, many save the learning for a single event, a package, a clearly defined list--that's what learning used to be like.

I like the streams better because a lot of learning happens on the go--the ideas sift and sort in one's mind intersecting with new information and observation.  Rather than learning it all at the "event," when streams are introduced it gives the learning a natural flow, a give and-take flavor, time to simmer--essentially preparing the guests for the feast, the event, and then of course there's the after-thoughts, the leftovers, plans for the next adventure.

Learning streams make learning a journey mirroring life--a series of shares, questions, struggles and epiphanies, a forward movement more like a dance, than a march.