Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Sense of New Paths

Okay, what do you think?

Educators have ideas for innovation.  How do you support them?

Administrators--what are your thoughts about this?  How do you deal with new ideas from the front line, and interest in innovation and change?  What are your innovation systems like?

I want creativity and change to be a natural process of discussion, response and trial.

Yet, can an administration entertain every new idea, innovation and spontaneous response?

It's a new age of ideas and innovation--life moves faster than before, and tech advances occur every day.  This presents a new situation for schools, a very different situation from the past.  It challenges roles as we know them, and work as we've always done it.

So I'm curious--how does change and innovation happen where you work?  How do you maintain peace, humanity and caring collaboration with students as the focus in this new age we live in.

As I've mentioned many times before, I think this is an age of great promise and possibility--we are able to serve children in better and more inclusive ways than in the past due to the wonderful tools at our finger tips.  How do we navigate this road with grace and intent?

I want to know.