Thursday, January 24, 2013

Intersection After Effects

The Intersection Event impacted me in so many ways.  First, I really enjoyed and profited from the diverse, targeted dialogue about ideas, promise and possibility. Next, I liked the vitality and engagement present at the event--so many idea-people sharing and discussing innovation.  I also liked the vibrant Google environment.

Upon returning to school, I found myself enthused and invigorated--leaning far more toward engagement and inquiry versus management and control.  I want my students to ask questions, experiment, share information, create and discover.  I continue to be amazed by their creative spirits and innovative energy.

I also have found myself needing to realign my goals and work--where am I headed and what do I want to spend my time on.  Hence, yet another priority list:

Rich Content and Process: I don't want to waste time on content or process that's dull; instead I want to embed the best literature, informational text, digital platforms, learning processes and tools into the program I teach.

Life Long Learning: A steady diet of learning engages me and makes me a much more interesting teacher.  At present, I want to explore the concepts of STEAM with greater investment.  I also want to learn about Atlantis Quest and Minecraft, two new gaming tools that many are pointing to as positive, forward reaching learning tools and experiences.

Reading and Writing Fluency and Skill: I want to continue to immerse myself in this study and endeavor as these skills continue to hold essential skill status in our world.

Multimedia Composition:  I will continue to grow my skill and ability in this area--a 21st century communication literacy that's engaging and versatile.

Pushing out the Classroom Walls: I want to plan our zoo experience with care so that students are taking open, inquisitive minds and tech tools off site to explore animal science, habitats and zoology with depth.

Student Creativity and Voice: In as many ways possible I want to nurture student creativity and voice--giving students the chance to lead their learning with enthusiasm and curiosity.

We want to nurture enthusiastic learners with growth mindsets--students who believe that they can learn well in multiple environments with a diversity of tools, students who are kind, caring problem solvers who understand the importance of a good education and a mindful approach to personal endeavor.

I'm excited by the potential that education holds today for positive change and endeavor.