Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lead Time?

I generally like to be prepared.

Like most teachers, my days are filled with direct service to children, so I've learned to do my professional work with lead time and care.

For example, if I'm going to present at a conference, I usually know months in advance so I spend bits and pieces of time reading, researching and prepping for the conference far in advance--that's the way I'm able to do both.

In some cases sadly, the information is not available.  I find out last minute about an initiative, effort or possibility, and for teachers like me who are time-on-task most days, that makes the event inaccessible, undoable and outside of my reach. Some, who may have extensive planning and prep time, might not understand that crunch and need for lead time.

Without lead time, teachers' voices are hindered, hence it's essential that if you truly want to include the voices of teachers in the work you do, give them the lead time and information they need to participate with thought, planning and care. That's both respectful and worthwhile to organizations that want to grow with strength and promise.