Saturday, December 08, 2012

Poetry Playlist Premiere

Wednesday morning students will celebrate their poetry playlist premiere with a poetry celebration.  We'll turn the room into a festive cafe with lights, table cloths, centerpieces and breakfast treats supplied by our school's food service. Students will come dressed in clothes that they feel fit the importance and style of the event.

We've invited the teachers that work with our class, administrators, family members and friends.

As family members trickle in, students will share their online Google site Writing Books (ePortfolios) in the lab next door. Then we'll call everyone together to share the treats and find a seat for the formal program.

The celebration will begin with a short introduction to the unit and the many standards and skills we developed throughout the study. Often it is difficult for family members and others to discern the work and skill that goes into a finished project such as a movie because the final cut makes the process look so simple similar to the final skate in the Olympics or a musical piece after months of practice.  Hence I believe it is essential to explicitly share the learning points.

Next, with students and family members seated at the tables with coffee, juice and treats we'll show the playlist. After that, students will share their hard copy poetry books, the books that they can place by their bedsides for later reading with their family members.

The poetry unit like many meaningful units of study included substantial preparation, study and skill. After that much endeavor, a celebration is the right thing to do.  I hope to take photos during the event, and will post the photos here for all to enjoy and so that I can well remember the event, an event I'm likely to recreate in the years ahead.