Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making Time for What's Important

Guilt prevailed.

So many tasks and endeavors that were part of my holiday traditions were left behind.  Why didn't I make the time, I wondered guiltily.  These are events and traditions that matter to me.

Guilt because I'd like to do it all.  I'm an idealist.  I can see so much more than I can physically do.

The reality remains, however, that none of us can do it all or be it all no matter how well meaning or dedicated we are.  We are human, and with that comes limitations of time, energy, ability and knowing.

When I didn't participate, I wasn't met with disappointment and disdain.  Instead, people were compassionate.  They know it's impossible to do it all, and that as we grow, life's demands and needs change.  The activities that easily fit the schedule ten years ago don't fit with the same ease today as I nurture my teens and other important endeavor.

The busier we are, the more important it is to prioritize--to take the time to determine what's most important to our vision, needs and those we love and care for.  Our lives will be well lived if we dedicate our energy and efforts to actions that make a positive difference, big or small, near or far. And, there is no need for guilt if that is our path.