Sunday, December 02, 2012


Yesterday I attended a big playoff game.  The players worked for a year or more to get to the game, and had every hope of winning.  As the game progressed, the win moved further and further away from the players.  Although a win was likely, their play didn't add up to a win, instead they lost the game while the other team's play led them to a wonderful victory.

Losing is tough particularly when you have worked hard and have your heart is set on a win.  Yet, for every win, there's a loss.  It's part of the landscape of competition.

The key is how you deal with wins and losses.

First, it's best to go into every competition ready to do your best.  If you do your best and lose, you'll never have regrets.

Also, it's important to diversify.  When you invest your energy in a number of interests and events, one loss won't be the end all.

Take time, and when you're ready reflect on the loss.  Just like winning, losing is a teacher too.  Similar to mistakes, there's always something to be learned. As the popular song states, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Lastly, having a warm home and loving family and friends also buffers the burden of losing and mistakes.  It gives you a place to relax, reflect and be comforted.  Establishing warm, loving bases of care at home and in classrooms and schools gives children a chance to make mistakes, lose and try again with support and a focus on what's most important: your relationships, and the network you create to support a positive, life enriching path as the strength lies in the journey, not the end destination.