Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Challenge Tweets: Conversation and Depth

I want to write down these tweets before I forget them.  Tweets for later thought and discussion.

Kenny Rose tweets, "Depth takes time."

Matt Monge shares a link to a post that targets the topic, "Stop Presenting, Start Conversing."

Both of these posts open doors for me--they lead me to paths of growth that I'm ready for.

I like the sense of accomplishment, impact and a "job well done" that depth brings. Yet, I can grow when it comes to my habits related to achieving depth in my focus areas of life i.e. relationships (friends, family) and student coaching.

Then, as I embrace coaching with greater depth, I know that the movement from a presenting focus to a conversation focus will strengthen my work and approach.

Thanks Kenny and Matt--there's nothing better than the identifying areas of movement and growth, avenues to travel that will bring positive struggle and strength.