Saturday, November 17, 2012

So Small, But Not Insignificant

Sometimes I feel so small as I interact on social media.  I feel small because I read the big ideas and intellectual thought of so many, and my world view magnifies and "microphies" rapidly (I recently re-watched the Powers of 10 movie that underlines the image of thought and action I see as I write today.)  I wonder, Why didn't I know that before, and how much more is there that I don't know that will significantly alter my perspective, action and vision in the days, weeks and months to come.

Like all of us, I am on a journey.  My journey is an essential path that's moving me closer to truthful, meaningful action and endeavor, the kind of work that enriches my relationships and optimizes my work. The journey is one of regular change, revision and prioritization.

I am learning too that a significant catalyst for my journey is the many thought leaders that I follow on Twitter and blogs--people who help me to see differently and work with greater intent and focus as I journey my path.  For example Pam Moran tweeted out this wonderful Ted Talk this morning, an amazing talk that both affirms and challenges the next steps in my path (and the world's path) as I think deeply about learning design and educating young children.

There are so many feeders to our paths today--so many ideas, opinions, actions and bits of information to inform our every decision.  Hence, the focus needs to be on the path including who we travel with, how we travel and our journey's focus.  To me, this is a wonderful step in the right direction for our collective work as educators and global citizens.  I feel fortunate to be alive at this turn in the road of humanity.