Sunday, November 11, 2012


To work each day with the knowledge that I have the following:
  • Adequate tools and environment to foster optimal student learning.
  • A strong knowledge of my students' needs, abilities, passions, interests and goals.
  • A varied palette of learning endeavor to expose children to the myriad of methods, tools and activities that promote learning.
  • Time for targeted student feedback, conferences and coaching.
  • A manageable list of reasonable, attainable responsibilities.
  • Streamlined systems of support.
  • Effective instruction that results in student learning and engagement.
  • Timely, transparent communication about the issues that affect the work I do.
  • Regular research, study and professional growth.
  • Collaborative skill, engagement and respect.
  • Time for recreation, family and friends. 
That's the destination I'm moving towards. What about you?