Tuesday, November 20, 2012

21st Century School Snapshot: Making Movies

We're in the midst of making movies.

Actually we've been making movies for quite some time now, and we've almost completed our second set.

Movie making with young children is intense, especially when you're working towards a finished copy--one you want to "share with the world."

We've brought the expectations up a notch from the last movie project.  This time everyone's voice has to include strong volume, understandable pacing and inviting expression that matches the mood and tone of the poetry students are depicting.

Words, music and images need to be synthesized in an accurate and perhaps, thought provoking, rendition of the chosen poetry, poems that "speak to us."

The skills honed and practiced during this creative endeavor include speaking, reading fluency, comprehension, story telling, collaboration and synthesis.  It's a rich project, one that will sit proudly in children's digital portfolios for revisiting and sharing this year and in the future.

We're in the midst of making movies, and it's both an exciting and challenging place to be.