Thursday, October 25, 2012

MassCUE Day Two

Great learning day at MassCUE.

Highlights today included the following:

Concord Consortium: Great organization of scientists utilizing new science standards, big ideas in science and student-friendly science activities online and off.  Definitely something I'm going to explore.

iTunes U: I want to learn using this resource first before I consider trying it out with my students--I'm not sure it's the best platform for elementary, but the high school is going to start using it so we can keep our eyes open for what they are doing.

That Quiz: Mike O'Connor did a great job with this presentation.  I'll definitely begin using this tool to a fuller extent.  Thanks Mike.

Scratch: Scratch is definitely one answer to students' desire to program.  This tool builds problem solving, creativity, math and engineering skills.  Also, there is a great Scratch teacher workshop in the summer that looks like lots of fun.

Terrific Day. Lots of learning.

I tweeted my notes and made a storify story - you can access all the links and main impressions of the day there.