Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forward Focus

I am about to embark on my third day of intense, invigorating learning related to teaching children well. The first two days occurred at MassCUE's annual conference and today I'll join New England educators in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for #edcampseacoast.

My focus today is to mainly listen.  I want to hear what's happening in the classrooms of the many dedicated educators who will be there. I will be listening with the lens of student learning--what are these educators doing to make learning engaging, empowering and successful for every child?

I am grateful to the many, many educators who make these events happen as I know it takes a lot of work to organize and plan these events.

Then on Monday, I'll return to my classroom to learn side-by-side with students. A chance to weave the new ideas and old together to guide and coach each child towards learning success and inspiration.