Saturday, October 06, 2012


I've always been a distant member of most groups.  I haven't spent a lot of time allying myself closely and supporting specific agendas.  I've always "marched to my own drummer" in many ways, following more of an interior vision than an exterior motivation.

That's worked well for the most part in my world of work and play.  I've been able to maintain my own voice while interacting and collaborating with many.  However, now that I'm interacting with so many diverse groups and individuals on the Internet, I'm finding a greater need for alliance.  There is too much to navigate not to ally myself with a few groups--groups that collectively research, post, discuss and create knowledge that help me to teach children well.

Do you ally yourself with specific online organizations? Which organizations do you find promote the best that we can do for children when it comes to authentic, child-centered education and care?  What groups are not only promoting best practices, but digging deep to develop and create schools that truly will make a difference in children's lives as well as impacting the integrity and vitality of communities and nations?  Who are the leaders in this evolution?

I'm seeking answers to these questions. I think this could be a great #edchat or #teaching2030 topic?  What are your thoughts?  I want to know.