Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Teacher Evaluations Systems: Goal Process

I continue to update this information which is hosted on the TeachFocus website. As the process continues, there have been many updates since 2012 so I suggest readers of this post visit TeachFocus for a more comprehensive evaluation system review.
Starting Process for Goal Setting: 2012 Post

My goal meeting is set for Wednesday. Massachusetts is employing a new process for teacher evaluation. I have decided to embrace the process with student learning and professional growth as the focus.

I've set my initial goals, and analyzed and reflected on the goals utilizing Massachusetts' categories and our system process of establishing SMART goals. Now I want to short list the list so that my goals are easy to remember and employ as I create curriculum, collaborate with students and colleagues and develop my professional repertoire.

I'm sure that the there will be some revision after Wednesday's meeting, but here is the initial short list of goals for 2012-2013.

Curriculum, Planning and Assessment
My goal is to continue to develop the process of curriculum preparation and implementation with a focus on integration of best practices, State standards and wellness.
  • Implementation of Massachusetts State Standards (including Common Core).
    • Unit by unit, adding goals to unit websites, incorporating goals into the learning activities and making goals explicit to students and families.
  • Increased attention to physical and emotional wellness with regard to curriculum planning and implementation.
    • food-free celebrations (w/exception of International Pot-luck for culture celebration)
    • incorporating active, healthy activities into the curriculum such as geometry exercises and Broadmoor landforms hike.
    • implementation of programs that foster healthy attitudes and conflict resolution such as Open Circle, Responsive Classroom and Just Like Me.
Teaching All Students
My goal is to move every student forward in engaging, positive ways with regard to knowledge, skill and concept development.
  • Integration of tech tools to motivate, engage and optimize student learning. 
    • Utilizing online games and practice sites that develop student skill across the curriculum.
    • Incorporating multimedia composition such as film making into curriculum units.
    • Engaging students in learning via our classroom social network, NING, Google aps and the class website.
  • Continued implementation of RTI (Response to Intervention) as a way of teaching all students well and bridging the achievement gap
Professional Culture
My goal is to continue to develop my knowledge and delivery related to student learning.
  • Continued exploration and learning related to technology integration to optimize student learning.
    • MassCue, edcamps, NBPTS renewal and The Intersection preparation, engagement and presentation.
    • Continued Twitter chats and professional reading via blogs and websites.
    • Increase my knowledge and skill related to students’ acquisition of math concepts, knowledge and application.
  • Continue to develop my skills, knowledge and ability related to collaborative effort, goal setting, project work and analysis.
    • Reading professional books and implementing new strategies. Focus books: Making Learning Visible for Teachers and Mindset.
    • Development of optimal communication protocols and practice.
    • Reflective blogging and collegial collaboration.
    • FSU Math Education Course Completion
    • System-Wide Professional Development Activities.

    Family and Community Engagement
    My goal is to foster a team approach to education that makes the information, results and practice of learning transparent, engaging and successful to the learning community: teachers, family members, students and community members.
    • Increased attention and response to the needs of family members with respect to student learning.
      • Regular feedback via student folders.
      • Weekly newsletters, class social media NING, email response to family members and students.
      • Two family/student surveys: December and March, and action response to survey results.
      • twice a year scheduled conferences and as needed conferences.
    Massachusetts requires that teachers provide evidence of goal achievement and that requires us to collect evidence throughout the year. As I work towards the goals above, I will share examples of the work and reflection via this blog. This post demonstrates "evidence" related to the goal of incorporating multimedia composition into classroom projects and learning.

    Some will think this is too public a forum to share, however I choose to share in this way for the following reasons:
    • As a veteran teacher, I am comfortable with sharing both the high points and challenges in my career path. In a sense, I want others to profit from my vantage point and experience.
    • I can lay one possible path for teachers to use when embarking on new evaluation processes and standards.
    • I believe that reflective, action-oriented, growth processes like these lead to optimal development, and this development will impact student learning with strength.
    How are you embarking on new evaluation processes? What are your goals for 2012-2013? If you'd like to share, I'm interested.