Sunday, September 09, 2012

MassCUE 2012: Join Me to Create Content Websites: Today's Learning Platform

Content Website Example
This morning I woke up and reviewed my lesson plans for tomorrow.  That means I opened up my Google content website, reviewed last year's unit, reflected, researched, revised and posted the links on our virtual classroom, NING, for the learning team: family members, students and colleagues.

In the old days, that would have meant searching through the file cabinets, making many xerox copies and waiting until the start of the lesson to introduce the material to the students--a much more cumbersome and less effective process.

The fact that I can post the links and goals for students and families today means that those who are interested can preview the material, try out the learning lessons and access the links if interested.  Children are able to watch related videos, sing the songs and discuss the information on our class social network.  Essentially the learning process that was once limited to the four walls of a classroom, a distinct time period and paper/pencil has become a 24-7 learning platform that's easy to share and access wherever and whenever you want.

The transparency that this platform provides magnifies learning potential and broadens reach.

If you're not using Google sites already for content websites or ePortfolios, please join me at the MassCUE Conference on October 24 for a workshop focused on ePortfolio/Content Website creation and use. You can preview my presentation via this link.

I recommend the MassCUE Conference to all educators interested in employing tech to deepen and broaden student learning.  Much of what I know and use with regard to technology today I learned during many wonderful presentations at MassCUE. Presentations led by notable educators like Liz Davis, Dan Callahan, Suzy Brooks, Laura Beals D'Elia and Tom Daccord.

This year, a couple of my Wayland colleagues will present as well. Michael O'Connor will present the invaluable That Quiz tool. Mike utilizes this free Internet tool to both engage and teach students in math and other subjects.  Ed DeHoratius will introduce his successful pilot program with iPads at Wayland High School.

The MassCUE conference which takes place at the Patriot's Gillette Stadium is one of the best education conferences available.  I hope to see you there.