Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Do You Think?

You know what I think?  My ideas, practice and questions are capsulated in my blog, tweets and published multimedia projects.

I know what you think too if you're active blogging, tweeting, speaking, emailing and attending workshops and conferences as I've read about your thoughts or we've had a conversation. Several of my students have shared their summer adventures and ideas too through our classroom NING.

But, if you haven't shared your thoughts in writing or film, and we haven't had the chance for a conversation, I don't know what you're thinking.  My job as an educator is impacted by many leaders and colleagues.  Some readily share their ideas and thoughts, and others are quieter (or silent) about their vision, goals and practice.

I'm wondering about protocols related to sharing.  If you impact the work of others, what are the most effective ways to communicate?  It seems to me that regular updates are the way to go.  Whether it be a blog, email, video or regular meeting, it appears that those that impact others should keep the conversation going with regard to vision, goals, actions and questions.  Positive structures for collegial sharing are important too.

What do you think?  Let those you impact know.