Friday, August 10, 2012

Time for a Book?

The posts are a vignette collection of school life, thought and research-based action.  There are many now, all scattered throughout the blog like flower petals after a spring wind.  This blog, a splash of colorful ideas, can serve to ignite ideas and debate, but it's difficult to find all the posts that relate to one topic, effort or controversy.  That means it's time for a book--time to sew the ideas together in a logical format so those who want to ponder their practice and effort have chapters to refer to and knitted themes to embrace.

Tweets, posts and books all have a place in the digital age of communication.  Tweets are staccato idea sparks and the blog post is a lively sidewalk conversation. The book has the harmony and choreography of a well-planned event.  I read tweets to ignite my ideas. Posts prompt action and thought. And books, those carefully crafted texts, guide thoughtful change in perspective and action.

So now that I've accumulated a large array of posts, I'm going to start thinking about writing a book--a text that prompts learning communities to think about the work they do each day to teach children well.  A book that helps schools to streamline systems so that the lion's share of the time is spent in activity that directly impacts student learning.

There's no rush in this endeavor, but the idea will change the way I organize and file my posts.  As I do that I'll think about this book and the fact that this book will serve to guide my practice too, the work I do each day with children.

Tweets-posts-Ted/Ed/Ignite Talks-Presentations-Videos-Theater-Books: All communication tools that affect the work we do and share holding the potential for stronger schools and a better world.