Sunday, July 01, 2012


Shira Leibowitz is one of my favorite educational bloggers and leaders.  Her words and intent continue to lead me forward as a teacher.  In a sense she's one of the many online coaches I look to for leadership, motivation and problem solving when it comes to teaching children well.

Today Shira posted a wonderful and challenging post, From Facilitator to Activator.  This post challenges teachers to move from the role of facilitator to activator by carrying out the following roles in the classroom:
  • Providing feedback.
  • Accessing thinking.
  • Supporting challenging goals.
  • Monitoring learning.
These roles describe the work teachers as coaches, mentors and guides need to do to foster effective learning in classrooms.  Leibowitz's post naturally leads one to think about the best ways to carry out the roles above--a wonderful discussion topic for early PLCs (professional learning communities), ongoing #edchats and summer study/school prep efforts.

Thanks Shira!