Thursday, June 28, 2012


I had the chance to look at some standardized scores tonight.  The scores reminded me of the following factors:
  • Scores reflect one dimension of learning, not all learning.
  • Student-teacher relationships matter a lot with regard to student success.
  • Feedback and regular response matters too. Know students well and regularly respond with targeted feedback.
  • Children make big leaps in learning at different times in their development and school life.
  • One teacher cannot be all things to all children particularly when a class is part of a collaborative team that includes special education, ELL and many other specialists.  Hence, collaboration and targeted programming are essential.
  • Regular progress monitoring creates a situation where summative tests present no surprising outcomes. 
  • Time on task and attention to detail with curriculum matters.
  • Scores reflect students' developmental range as well as current academic performance. 
When analyzing test scores, it's easy to see trends.  The trends can serve as reminders about successful patterns as well as patterns that will profit from revision or finesse.  As stated numerous times before, I'm a fan of streamlined formative and summative testing--the kind of testing that provides one dimension of the overall student program review, analysis and development.