Friday, June 15, 2012

Practices that Promote Equity

Equity contributes to community and success in organizations. What practices create equity?

Established protocols create equity. Protocols related to professional development, new ideas, advancement and communication create fertile ground for community building and organizational growth.  Protocols replace practices that might be seen as unethical, inconsistent or unattainable. Responsive, proactive protocols create a common path for individual advancement and the advancement of organizations. Protocols take away the need for conjecture and secrecy as they contribute to transparent environments where the energy is mainly focused on an organization's mission and vision.

What protocols are in place in the organizations where you work?  Which protocols serve to strengthen community and the work you do?  How does your organization establish protocols and revise those protocols regularly to respond to organizational innovation and change?

In my microcosm of the classroom, I'll think about ways that I can establish protocols that contribute to equity so that all students have a chance to succeed.