Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blended Learning Strategies for 2012-2013

At the elementary level we are focused on strengthening essential skills, project base learning, and exposure to many learning platforms and venues. We want students to become facile learners who employ the best methods for efficient, meaningful learning, sharing and presentation. The blended learning environment sets the stage for student success.

We bring students down a number of learning paths during the year so they have the chance to engage in the following activities:
  • co-create the unit design/goals.
  • experience and understand related learning/presentation tools and processes.
  • work collaboratively and individually to complete projects and assignments.
  • share and present learning.
  • revise and redesign.
  • inquire and investigate.
  • reflect and determine next steps.
It is my goal as the teacher to facilitate students' development of a multidimensional tool kit of skills, concepts, knowledge, strategies, venues and processes that allow them to travel learning paths with confidence, direction and understanding.  I want to foster independent learning skills and a positive attitude towards embracing challenge and reaching goals. 

With a world of knowledge and a vast array of tools at our finger tips, it's essential that I provide a framework for my work in the following year.  Last year I introduced students to many, many tools and processes.  At times, I felt that I sacrificed depth for breadth.  This year I'd like to be a bit more targeted in the way I introduce each learning path leaving plenty of time for student presentation, conversation and reflection, areas I sometimes minimized last year in an effort to get it all in.

Therefore I created a chart to lead our work. Note that the chart is a work in progress and only includes our grade-level signature projects at this time. A more complete list of our grade-level goals and projects are located on the class website.  Since children are co-creators in my classroom, and I work to respond to their interests, challenges and needs, I expect this framework to continually shift and change. 

What paths, units, tools, goals and processes will your blended learning environment include next year?  What will be the attributes of the learning paths you present and promote in your classroom?  How does your focus differ from mine?  I will continue to think on this topic throughout the summer, and look forward to your insights and ideas.