Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dreams Outweigh Time

Dreams are greater than time.

The artful walk toward one's dreams is that of patience and prioritizing--one step after another toward the dream, one action after another, and sometimes a leap energized by passion, vision and ideals.

Clearly identify the dream in order to chart the course with care, sacrificing events and actions for the greater destination.

Teachers, by nature, are dreamers.  We work each day towards a future goal we will rarely be able to quantify or experience--the success and happiness of our students in a world that, in many ways, we can't even imagine.

As many have noted, it is the journey that matters--the way we interact with one another, prepare for the day, interact with students, and take care of ourselves, our families, colleagues, neighbors and friends.

Dreams urge us forward with promise and strength.  Dreams are meant to be greater than time.  Dreams are the sustenance of a life well lived.