Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Weekly Memo?

Weekly Classroom Memo
Do you write a weekly memo--a memo that lists the week's focus, main events and future considerations? I believe that the weekly memo centers an organization by providing a weekly reminder of the organization's vision and matters at hand. The weekly memo supports transparency, shared goals and collaboration rather than conjecture and separate paths. A regular memo creates organizational rhythm and greater harmony.

My husband worked in an organization that had a powerful memo from the organization's leader each week. The leader shared the latest news and vision related to the organization with warmth, humor and respect. I noticed how this memo lifted my husband's sense of purpose each week, and I must admit his boss's words of wisdom lifted my work each week too even though I worked in a very different type of organization.

I write a memo to family members each week.  My error is that sometimes my weekly memo becomes an every-two-day memo. Hence, my challenge is to stick to a once a week memo rather than too many messages. Then there are the weekly memos that are simply shopping lists--too long and dull so no one reads them. What's the best solution?

Organizational leaders need to keep work places' mission and vision up front as that builds collaboration and shared goals.  Managers have a responsibility too to coach the team with timely information and regular inspiration. When the information is hidden and the goals vague, organizations do not reach the potential possible. Yet, when information is too readily shared, people may not listen. Also, perhaps a weekly memo is one task too many.

How do you communicate with colleagues and those in your charge?  How does your organization share goals, vision and events?  What kinds of communication and communication systems best support optimal performance, rhythm and harmony in the work place?  I will heed your thoughts and ideas as I plan my classroom communication system for next year, and think realistically about the quality and quantity of communication I produce and expect for best effect.