Friday, May 18, 2012

Swimming Against the Tide

It's hard work to swim against the tide.  The crashing waves break all around you when you first jump in.  Then as you swim, the tide keeps pulling you back to shore. However, if there's something worth struggling for such as that giant wave in the distance or the place in the ocean where you can rest and simply let the rolling sea carry you, you'll give it the energy it takes to get out there.

From that peaceful spot where the giant waves roll, you see everyone on the beach playing, sleeping, snacking, reading and relaxing.  You notice the way the dunes reach to the clear blue sky.  As you rest and watch the world around you, there's always a bit of fear that you might be the one a shark chooses or an unruly wave catches up with so you're never completely at peace, but it's certainly worth the strong swim it took you to get out there.

Swimming against the tide in any organization is lonely, tiring and frustrating--you'd like to have a few more see it the way you do or realize it's worth the strong swim and twinge of fear it takes to get out there, but that's typically not the case. There's rarely more than a few out beyond the crashing waves.  It's the same on most mountaintops.

Some of us like the challenge, possibility and view from the sea or a mountaintop that an arduous climb or strong swim brings, but at times it's a lonely place to be.