Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fourth Graders' 2012 Summer Olympics Intro Film

Students enjoy making films, and there are so many tools for easy film making available today. If you've made a film, you understand how challenging it is.  It is especially challenging to stop and say, "good enough," as a film can be a limitless project.

My small book group worked with a professor from BC and me to craft a script and create a movie.  They had a difficult time reconciling that the movie would not look just like a Hollywood film due to our inexperience and time limits. However we were able to include their ideas, voices and creativity.  They'll present the film at our upcoming Summer Olympics Assembly as a way of introducing the whole school to the games.

Take a peek at their final product.  This is one of many films to come for this small band of learners.

We'll end the school year crafting films for our endangered species projects. I'll challenge students to think deeply about their audience and message as they create each film.  I'll also take into consideration that creativity is a step-by-step, contagious process that will spread about the classroom with joy if I allow it.