Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Communication and the Learning/Teaching Team

I refer to my class as Team 15.  We often talk about our goals and choices when it comes to learning.  We help each other gain knowledge, and we work together.

The students aren't all best friends, but they learn with respect and care towards one another.  Typically it's a happy, industrious community of learners during the day.  I consider colleagues and family members to be part of the team too.  That's why we all belong to the same closed NING--our class social network.

All are welcome to join the conversation on NING or to use NING as a way of sending out a message to the whole team or one member.  NING is a social network that combines features similar to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs. Our NNG serves as a central portal for all of our team's communication.  The class website serves as the team's resource center. The website contains all the facts and information that provide the structure and framework for Team 15. Unlike NING which is closed and private, anyone in the community or world at-large that wants to know about our class can access that page.

For specific initiatives, we use content blogs, websites and collaborative documents that serve as focused communication channels.

Our Website-Social Network-Content Blogs/Websites set up a good system of communication for Team 15. Usually everyone knows where to go to get the latest team news or to communicate with one another.  That system keeps us all on the same page and leaves greater time in the classroom for vibrant collaborative, creative learning. As team captain and coach (teacher), I use the communication systems to encourage, inform and converse with any and all team members.

Seeing the class as a team opens the door to many learning opportunities and adventures. Communication systems like NING, the class website, and content blogs/websites encourage and inform learning with vitality and efficiency for all team members creating a strong team spirit, camaraderie and learning success.