Sunday, May 06, 2012

#blendchat: First Chat Reflection

#edcampbos prompted me to lead a #blendchat last night at 8 EST to discuss blended learning.

What is a blended learning environment?  In the broadest sense, it is a learning environment that blends many techniques, tools and structures to promote optimal learning.

What did we discuss during the first chat?

We discussed what blended learning means to individual educators?  We shared our definitions, tools and links. We learned from each other about the many ways a blended learning environment can invigorate and optimize education. Our questions and rationale for blended learning were woven into the conversation.

The reason I offered to lead this chat is that I want to learn more about blended learning.  I want to study this teaching method because I believe it holds great promise for student engagement, empowerment and learning.

The first #blendchat was a great success.  You can read the discussion on my Storify page.
Please join us on Sunday, June 3 at 8 EST for the next chat when we'll discuss communication, assessment and the details associated with blended learning environments. #blendchat will be a first Sunday of the month chat.

Thanks to all the educators who participated in the discussion last night.  I know I left the discussion with new ideas, articles to read and tools to use.