Saturday, April 21, 2012

Professionally Speaking: Education Direction?

As I examine recent posts, blogs and websites, I am well aware of the education revolution in our midst. The field of education is changing by the second, and debates are flowing in all directions.

Educators are taking on new roles as thought leaders, teacherpreneurs, small business owners, authors, consultants and national leaders. These educators are leading us forward with their words and actions.

It is imperative that we all take the time to reflect about our professional direction, and make sure that "Mission Trumps Ambition" rather than the other way around.  Service to children and a better world needs to be center stage in an educator's work and endeavor.

So, professionally speaking, what is your role at this changing time in education?  Where is your focus and direction?  What path have you created for growth and continued service?

Personally, I see the light and promise of so many paths, but I'm only one educator, and like all, I have limited time and resources.

So, for now, I'm laying this path for my professional growth:
  1. Classroom: What I can do to engage and empower learners?
  2. School and School System: How can I contribute my efforts and energy to supporting a top-notch, student centered, 21st century school system?
  3. Professional Community: In what ways can I engage, share and learn within the education community?
While I am indebted to the many educators in my PLN that are playing a national role with regard to this educational revolution, I believe the best role for me right now is a primary focus on the classroom and microsphere where I teach. And with that focus, I'll continue to share my questions and thoughts through the magnificent venues of the blog, Twitter and other online platforms.

I'm interested in your pursuits at this time in the education revolution?  Where are you now, and where are you headed? What path have you planned? We are all a part of an amazing journey, one we could not have imagined fifteen years ago.