Monday, April 02, 2012

Details Matter

Recent data points prompted me to rework the classroom schedule for better effect.  I am building in more time to shore up essential skills in meaningful ways.

Today as we began the schedule, I realized with greater awareness that details matter.

It matters that students have the chance to practice essential skills in meaningful ways every day.

It matters that teachers target their focus and coaching when working with individuals, small groups and the whole class.

It matters that we leave room for student questions and ideas.

It matters that we share rationale and expectations with students.

And, it matters that we coach with encouragement and positivity, not letting the goal get in the way of a positive working relationship with the students we teach.

In the weeks to come, I'll pay more attention to the details as I try to teach and coach my students for best effect.  What details lead your daily work?  What aspects of teaching and coaching are essential to the work you do to support children well?  I look forward to your ideas and links.