Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tech Integration or Learning Design?

Are you noticing a shift from a tech integration focus to learning design?

Alan November's speech at the Global Education Conference last fall shifted my focus.

Since that time, I've been working steadily to revise the way I plan and facilitate student learning.  I continue to integrate technology regularly, but I am more concerned with the choreography of the learning event, and the attributes, processes, knowledge and skill I hope to nurture and coach.

In part, this is probably true because students generally grasp technology quickly.  With a few pointed instructions, most children learn how to use a tech tool with skill.  On the other hand, learning how to navigate a multimodal, project base, collaborative learning event is much more complex and requires many steps, lots of coaching, and thoughtful planning to take an initial quest to a finished project.

Are you moving from a focus on tech integration to learning design--design that is infused with technology and many other tools and processes?  I'd like to know what you and your educational organizations are doing in this regard as I continue to build and develop my classroom program for best effect? Are you integrating your instruction, teaching in discrete sets or balancing the two? I welcome related links, posts, titles and other information that might help me think about this direction with greater depth. Thank you.