Sunday, March 18, 2012

All Work No Play Makes a Dull Teacher

Sonia Coughlan (@_witty_n_wise_) from Scotland prompted me to think about the critical balance between family and work--a balance that I suspect most working people face in their lives.

Too much work narrows your vision, exhausts your body and dulls your practice.  Everyone needs time for work, family, self, community and play, yes play!  Pleasure is integral to the human spirit.

Sometimes when play eludes you, it's simply because you've worked too hard and you are much too tired to entertain the notion of participating in the pastimes you enjoy most.

Hence, I'll seize the day today before I head back to work tomorrow.  I'll also strive for a more balanced schedule so I'm the positive, energetic, focused teacher I want to be.

Thanks Sonia!