Thursday, February 23, 2012

Replacing Either/Or with a 3-D Continuum

It's not either/or, it's a 3-D Continuum: forward/backward, right/left, up/down, diagonal, in/out and more. I'm wondering what model in physics or math demonstrates this.  In life we usually think this way or that: Republican/Democrat, girl/boy, good/bad, up/down, but that's not the way it really is--we're all part of some and part of the other, we can find ourselves on the 3-D Continuum (for lack of a better phrase) at all times.  The either/or dialogue does us harm as humans, innovators, visionaries, educators, friends, parents and citizens. I'm looking for greater depth, insight, vision with regard to this discussion.  Please send me your thoughts, ideas, links and images.  I want to know.