Friday, January 27, 2012

Educon 2012 Panel Notes

Tonight Educon 2012 presented a panel discussion related to sustaining innovation at the Franklin Institute.  There were many takeaways that I don't want to forget. Unfortunately, I noted a number of reflections throughout the discussion, but did not write down specific quotes.  This will give you an idea of some of the issues discussed.
  • Innovation is when problem meets solution, purposeful innovation.
  • Innovation creates meaning; changes the world and makes us better people.
    • "Failure is useless if you don't build in reflection!" Alex Gilliam 
  • Now is a time when innovation is democratized due to the technological tools available.
  • Innovative process requires a nimble mind, and seeing what's just ahead, the adjacent possibility.
  • Innovation is sustained when it's visible, public and community based-making the city/community the classroom.
    • Innovation means being responsive and adapting in real time - AlexGilliam
  • It's important to build a culture of innovation.  Just begin where teachers, students and the environment are ready for innovation and build out.  Create a culture of excellence.
    • "People want to be with other motivated people solving things... Ask them to step up and they will." Alex Gilliam 
    • "There are many innovations, civil innovation, social innovation. Why can't we make city the classroom?" Alex Gilliam
  • Choose true innovation over trendy ideas.
  • Innovation means that you have to stop doing some things to make way for the innovation.
  • Innovation works when it's tethered to something important.
  • We need to cultivate a culture of skills, discipline and curiosity related to math and science learning.  
  • You can't be innovative in a vacuum; the best innovation is the result of collaboration of many varied minds and individuals.
    • "You can't be an innovator in a vacuum." Dan Barcay
  • People want to solve problems with other motivated people.  We need to build greater problem-driven innovation and process.
  • How do we measure and develop students' innovative skills?