Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Change Agent?

I like moving forward.  I hate wasting time.

Hence, when an activity is redundant and stagnant, I advocate for change.

I seek vitality, vigor and dynamic 21st century environments of creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

I am eager to hear the latest research and evidence related to enhanced student learning.

I know relationship matters and seek to create an environment where my students are comfortable, confident leaders of their own learning.

The roadblocks frustrate me.  I don't know why there is reluctance related to communication, collaboration, critical analysis and creativity.  I wonder why, like a game of Wipeout (a TV show), the obstacles continue to be thrown into the mix, obstacles like last minute schedule changes, old fashion practices, emails unanswered, repetition of skills and knowledge understood, rather than the creation of fluid systems of innovation, reflection and change.

Yes, I'm impatient for better professional development and instructional systems in schools--the potential for learning today is incredible given the outstanding tools we have at our fingertips.  The knowledge, talents and vision of the educators that surround me are equally outstanding, and I am eager to learn from them in problem based, creative, educator-driven professional development activities.

What's the best ways for systems to work today?  How do we move from one-size-fits-all or one-size-fits-some mindsets and actions to responsive, needs-driven, individualized professional development and instruction? What about our impatient learners--do we tell them to sit still and be patient or do we inspire them with challenging, forward-thinking, growth producing tasks and activities?  And etiquette?  What's polite today?  Do the rules of the past still apply?

I don't have the answers to all of these questions, yet I'm eager for honest discussion, protocols and goal setting related to these topics.  What do you think?

Since I wrote this post in 2011, there's been considerable change in my teaching/learning circles including increased communication and critical analysis. There's been greater streamlining and increased time for collaboration. Professional learning events are improving too. It is good to witness and be apart of this positive change.