Thursday, October 27, 2011


There's many reasons why you should consider presenting at a local, statewide, regional or national conference.
  1. Presenting reminds you of what students go through as they prepare to present to the class.
  2. Presenting challenges you to solidify your thinking.
  3. Presenting prompts you to try new tools.
  4. Presenting makes you listen to and watch other presentations with new eyes.
  5. Presenting can be your ticket to attending a conference.
  6. Presenting focuses your professional development time and energy.
While thinking about your future presentation, I suggest the following:
  1. Think about an area of the curriculum you want to develop to better student learning.
  2. Find upcoming conferences related to the topic.
  3. Write and submit a proposal.
  4. Begin the unit development process--read, research, create, implement, analyze, revise, refine.
  5. Record the efforts through writing, video, screencasts, photos and other venues.
  6. Synthesize the content, process and learning outcomes with a prezi, Google presentation, film, blog post and/or other venues.
  7. If your proposal is accepted, get ready to present. If not, submit the proposal to another related conference.
Presenting puts educators in the learner's shoes which is a valuable experience.  It also offers a positive goal for developing optimal curriculum for student success. Finally, it gives educators a chance to present to and learn from other educators which improves learning for all involved (including students).

So don't hesitate to challenge yourself to present--you'll find it's worth the time and effort, and it will keep your professional work fresh and forward moving.