Sunday, October 23, 2011

MassCUE 2011 Presentation Preview

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This week at the the MassCue Conference, I'll have the opportunity to share the many ways that technology invigorates, broadens and deepens education to better instruct, facilitate and respond to student learning with a 55-minute presentation from 2-2:55 on Thursday, October 27 at Gillette Stadium.

I'll begin my presentation with a focus on attitude--attitude matters when it comes to tech integration.

Then I'll  show educators and administrators ways to get involved in the tech-ed world-wide conversation by creating a PLN (professional learning network) through Twitter, Google+, blogs, edcamps, webcasts, conferences and more.  This is an essential first-step to optimal education technology integration.

After that, I'll suggest a number of vital elements that create a framework for a tech-savvy, 21st century classroom including the classroom website, the class social network (NING), a system-wide learning platform (It's Learning), email and blogs.  

With the concept of a classroom tech-ed framework in mind,  I'll present ways that essential skill content is taught utilizing technology tools such as Google sites, ePortfolios, blogs, free online software and the venues listed above.  Again you'll see how the learning goals and skills are imbedded into tech venues for greater student access, sharing and response.

Next, I'll advocate that educators travel the technology integration path project by project which makes the process meaningful and beneficial to educators and students alike.  It's integral to imbed tech tools into worthy 21st century teaching units that develop communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and community.  By creating or revising a teaching module using a 21stC process, teachers will be able to utilize technology in optimal, forward moving ways that motivate, differentiate and deepen student learning.  I will present a project planning template that makes this possible, and show examples of projects educators may want to try and/or revise to meet their own teaching goals.

Finally, there will be a chance for questions, comments and sharing. This presentation will provide a survey of tech integration possibilities that motivate, teach and benefit educators, administrators and students.  I welcome all to the presentation, and please don't hesitate to contact me with questions prior to the event.