Sunday, October 16, 2011

Google Docs/Sites: The New Anchor Chart

This is the front page of our Interactive Read Aloud "Anchor Chart" Google Site.
Anchor charts are popular in elementary school education. Together students and teachers create anchor charts of important information related to a topic or unit.  Then the anchor charts are posted, revisited, revised and enriched as the teaching and learning continues.

Now Google Docs/Sites anchor charts are replacing my paper charts.  I can easily create a chart on Google docs and type our collective notes, observations and procedures with the students. Then I'm able to publish the document, post it on the students' social network and/or website, and revisit it time and again for future teaching.

Unlike paper anchor charts, it's much easier to revise and add information to these online charts.  Furthermore it's easy to add related images, maps, charts, videos and other information that extends the learning.  Finally, students and teachers are able to revisit the charts as often as they'd like and wherever they have access to a computer.  If students don't have a computer at home, the notes can be easily printed and copied for student review or further work.  It's good modeling too because students are learning a process for learning, presentation and teaching that can be replicated when they work on small group or whole class projects.

Hence, anchor charts from now on will mainly be Google docs, presentations or sites in our class--an amazing venue for collective learning and response.