Thursday, September 15, 2011

Developing Student Interest and Motivation: Criteria Chart for Lesson Planning

Last night I read "Reaching Their Full Potential: Motivating Learners and Building Interest," by Michael Ebeling, Head of Summit School, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The article lends educators research-based information related to developing student interest and motivation.  I want to employ the points Ebeling describes in my fourth grade units.  In order to do this, I created a simple table (see below) to guide unit revision and planning.  I'll first use this table with our current emphasis on computation and mastering keyboarding (an algorithmic task), then with our Self Portrait Poetry Anthologies (a much deeper learning experience) and hopefully each unit after that.

I'm motivated to do this as I like teaching a class that's interested and motivated--there's little to no behavioral concerns in those classes and there's awesome collaboration.  Motivated, interested classrooms hum, create and innovate.

Take a look at the article and table? Would you change it in any way?  What would you add?  Did I miss any essential points?  I look forward to your feedback.
       Criteria                                    Practice
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