Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Remembered: Moving Forward

When tragedy strikes, I always tell young children, "Bad things happen, but most often good things happen.  So when bad things happen, we have to help each other, learn from the event and move forward."

As I think back to 9-11, my heart breaks for all who lost those they loved on that day, and for the great pain those who died experienced.  I am struck by the powerful devastation, hurt, pain and loss a few people caused for so many.

As a teacher, I will keep 9-11 alive in my heart as a reminder of the importance to teach the knowledge, skills and concepts that help children move forward in life with positive action.  I will give students more time to talk to me and to each other so they have a chance to express their needs, questions and desires--an opportunity to foster a positive direction and philosophy for living.

I will also continue to support child-centered, peaceful, positive school communities for young children, and work towards equity and opportunity for all of the world's children because often hate, destruction and crime are the result of childhood neglect and harm.

Again, my prayers and thoughts go to all who suffered personal loss and pain related to 9-11.  I am grateful for the heroic, selfless acts of so many fire fighters, police, government officials, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and others.