Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Boxes: A Reading Workshop Ingredient

Now that I'm prepping for employing strategies from the daily 5 in my classroom, I went looking for book boxes.  In the past I used jean book bags which worked well, but this year I wanted to purchase a product that could be a bit more mobile, hence I went looking for book boxes.

At IKEA, I found a book box product I'm going to try.  The price was right and I like the fact that students can personalize their book box and take it home at the end of the year.  I bought extras as my one concern is that the structure won't be strong enough for an entire fourth grade year--we'll see.

So, in the early days of school, students will have the chance to decorate their boxes with their name, illustrations and a couple of reading quotes. We'll discuss a list of reading quotes prior to the event so they can choose quotes that inspire optimal reading choice, stamina and interest.  I created a Book Box Creation Document to lead their work.

Also inspired by the room photos in the daily 5 I picked up some bright pillows, funky book crates, a rug  as well as a few, comfy discounted chairs at The Christmas Tree shop.  Our PTO gives us a little money for supplies and the rest is my investment towards a welcoming classroom.

I also hope to use Barbara Day's recent blog post, Organizing my Classroom Library to further inspire my classroom library makeover in the days to come.

Many teachers have started posting images on Twitter and blogs of their classrooms which has been very helpful. I've also been inspired by colleagues' thoughtful room organization and design. I welcome your comments and images related to your classroom design, materials and any products that make a difference for students.  Thanks for sharing.