Sunday, August 14, 2011

Action Based Research Related to Math Teaching

Each year, I undertake a number of targeted professional development endeavors to boost my repertoire, enthusiasm and knowledge related to teaching young children.  Fortunately, our school system has a privately funded foundation that supports innovative practices, programs and exploration.

Teachers are invited to write grant proposals in the early fall, then funding is awarded to those proposals that best meet the spirit and mission of the WPSF.

As a veteran teacher, I'm looking for professional development that is deeper and more targeted.  I have always been fascinated with the concept of action-based research and also have a desire to develop my teaching of mathematics.  Hence, this year I'm going to write a grant proposal to fund a consultant to lead a group of elementary school teachers through the process of developing, implementing and evaluating an action based research math project related to the common core standards.

Currently, I'm looking for a consultant who has the experience and desire to lead such a project.  I'm also going to look carefully at the Massachusetts' standards transition (from MCAS to Common Core) chart so we can choose a timely topic.  Furthermore, I've alerted colleagues about this interest and hope to attract two or three like-minded teachers to join in this effort with me.

Mathematics is an essential skill and providing students with a deep understanding and intrinsic motivation for the subject is integral to their academic success.  Hence, this project will help us to develop our repertoire in this area.  Have you undertaken a similar project?  If so, have you written about it or would you be willing to share your experience? Also, do you know of a consultant who would be willing to lead this effort if funded?  Do you have other thoughts?

I'm posting this grant idea in my blog as I'm looking for feedback and ideas.  Thanks for your consideration.