Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pedagogical Framework for Essential Skills

Yesterday, at the RTI conference, teachers were prompted to short list standards thus creating a list of essential standards.  Then we discussed ways that we could bring all students to mastery with those standards by targeting instruction and adding time.  Teams were then encouraged to explore the use of PLCs, multiple teaching strategies and formative assessments to promote positive acquisition and mastery.

Today, our fourth grade team will discuss this process with greater depth.  I'm sure we'll return again and again in thought and discussion to the idea of essential standards - what's most important, even imperative, to teach.  During these discussions, I don't want us to forget the following pedagogical practices:

  1. The First Six Weeks: Community Building
    • Review of all Comprehension Strategies.
    • Getting to Know Each Other.
    • Creating an Agreeable "Class Constitution."
    • Establishing classroom routines related to behavior, reading workshop, writing workshop, math workshop.
  2. Patterns of Thought and Practice
  3. Passion-Based Learning/Relevance/The Flipped Classroom
    • Learning essential standards through passions/interests.
    • Flipping the classroom by giving children more voice and leadership related to learning schedules, topics, methods and environment.
  4. Technology Infusion/Multimedia Composition
    • Extending the school day with the use of social media.
    • Sharing our knowledge using multimedia composition.
    • Using technology tools to make learning more accessible to all.
    • Formative and summative tech assessment to guide student learning, teaching.
    • Tech as a means of growing/developing knowledge, concept and skill.
  5. Global Connections
    • It's essential that our students engage with others outside of their community.
    • Look for meaningful ways that student learning can extend beyond the boundaries of the school and community.
  6. Develop 21stC Skills
    • Creativity
    • Communication
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Collaboration
When we discuss essential standards today, I'll think about the ways that I can teach those standards within the pedagogical framework noted above.  Let me know if I've missed anything on my journey to teach students essential skills within a relevant, meaningful 21stC framework.