Thursday, June 02, 2011

Magnificent Music

Yesterday, more than 50% of our third, fourth and fifth graders performed in either the band or orchestra performance.  The event was magnificent.

It was amazing to see our young musicians play a wide variety of instruments and music to entertain their classmates, friends and family members.  The children returned during the evening to perform again for more friends and family members.

Our music department is sensational.  That's due to the incredible commitment of so many talented teachers, parents and students.  Each week children practice twice at school as well as at home.  The music staff communicates with parents, teachers and students via websites and emails.  They continually encourage the students.  They also match interested students with high school mentors, and provide links to camps and other instructional venues.

Twice a year, our young third, fourth and fifth graders perform with middle school and high school musicians in the high school gymnasium.  It's an astounding event.  The organization is awesome, and the music inspiring.

Our students are wonderful musicians. Their discipline and musical experience also strengthen their overall academic commitment and success.  In two weeks, our chorus will sing.  They practice once a week in the mornings.  That event always brings a smile to my face.  It's just one more way that our system promotes music.

As I think about restructuring schools, I realize that our music program is one component we want to keep.  It's exceptional.