Friday, March 18, 2011

Idea Responsibility

Recently I had an idea. Actually, it was an idea that I had for a long time that kept coming back to me. The idea was based on a need I noticed. The idea held potential for positive change. I didn't have the time or resources to make the idea happen.

Then one day after a conversation with an individual, I realized that the idea that kept reoccurring was a potential match for that person. I didn't want to interfere, but I knew that the idea might find its way to fruition with that person, so I shared the idea.

That person took it on. I watched it happen. The idea was much more work than I realized, and there were far more roadblocks than I imagined, but the person pursued it, and didn't give up. I felt anxious as I watched the individual labor with the idea to make it work. What seemed like an incredible idea turned out to be a lot of work. Was it successful? Time will tell.

This event has led me to wonder about the responsibility one has for an idea. If you have an idea, do you have the responsibility to think it through, step-by-step, minute-by-minute or once you give away the idea does it belong to the receiver? How responsible are you for your ideas?

I feel like if I have a good idea, I must share it as it holds potential. I must share it, even if I can't pursue it. What do you do with your ideas? Do you share only those you can personally pursue or do you hand them out like lottery tickets, chances for gain or loss.

I'm going to keep thinking about ideas and my responsibility for my own ideas. In the meantime, I'll keep tweeting and reading Twitter as my favorite part of this incredible network is the idea stream all day long from near and far.