Saturday, March 05, 2011

Amazing Talent Show: 21st C Learning

Last night our school community came together to showcase students' talents.  Parents organized the event with flair, style and sensitivity to children's attention span, interest, and confidence.  The parents organized rehearsals, set-up the stage, created a thoughtful order of events, set a time frame for each event, and enlisted the help of volunteers.

As I watched the show, I was amazed.  It was 21st century learning in action. The stage crew, parents and students collaborated to manage sound, lights and props under the direction of a talented eighth grade alumnus who came back to help out.  The principal and parent-manager introduced the event  setting the stage for the celebration.  Then confident and prepared students presented act after act: playing instruments, acting, singing, dancing, unicycle riding, gymnastics and hula hooping.

I marveled at the talent.  I was even more impressed by students' confidence, and the parents' ability to organize such a developmentally-appropriate, positive event.  I was reminded that positive school experiences extend well beyond the school day hours and building.  It does take a village to run a wonderful school experience for children. As we look forward to restructuring schools for students, we must not forget to think about the entire community including parents, students, alumni, community members, teachers, assistant teachers and more.  The potential of what's possible is amazing just like last night's talent show.