Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Practice Goal: Making Things Better

As I think about my overall practice goal, I realize that it's all about making things better. Why am I so driven towards betterment--betterment in my own work, collaborative work, and our efforts as a community and people altogether?

This drive for betterment comes from recognition of the potential we hold as individuals to make a better life for each other, our communities, and the world. I've witnessed both a need for betterment and actions that contribute to betterment throughout my life. I know how valuable betterment can be. I know that good action can take stressful, life-demeaning events and turn those same events into life-enriching, positive events.

Therefore I don't want to skip a beat when it comes to making things better.

Yet, like all who desire betterment, I don't always hit the mark. I err, deviate, take wrong paths, and miss the mark. Yet, I'm driven towards good practice and effort; towards sharing ideas and spreading the news of betterment; and problem solving that leads to good work, potential, and positivity.

There remains lots to learn and lots to do in this regard, but like educators everywhere, I'll stay the path as we try to empower the lives of our students with our best work and effort every day. And, I'll continue to speak up, question, and discuss issues with betterment in mind. Our collaboration, care for one another, and openness matters in this regard as we need each other when it comes to doing a good job and teaching children well.