Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Keeping Math Skills Strong: A Steady Pace

A recent review of students' math fact knowledge noted that some lost a bit of time with regard to fluency. Unlike tests earlier in the year when facts were a focus, these students had to think a bit more to bring facts to mind in a quick way. Does this matter especially if a child knows his/her facts?

My answer to that is that it depends? For the most part, if the child is a capable math student who learns with ease it's advantageous to keep those facts strong and fluid as that helps math learning and performance in many ways as we begin to work with more complicated math concepts. On the other hand, if there's a significant challenge standing int he way, it may be that maths become a second focus while a student solidifies other, deeper math skills and knowledge.

It's difficult to keep all math skills and concepts strong all the time as you work for mastery in multiple math concept, skill, and knowledge areas to meet system and state expectations, but students and I continue the course with daily in-class and at-home study to meet the mark.