Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Teaching/Learning Plateau

In some ways it feels like I'm at the end of a multi-year journey. Many new efforts put into place over the past ten years are gaining ground and becoming familiar parts of the teaching/learning landscape. Have we reached a plateau of better service to children--a place to stay and nurture for a while before the next, big turn in the road? I hope so.

What does this plateau call forth with regard to mindset and action?

First, as always, service to students is the primary call. How can I continue to serve students well? There is always room for growth with regard to feedback, student recognition, time to talk, listening to children's stories, noticing their strengths, and responding to their challenges in positive and productive ways.

The next priority is worthy learning design, design that embeds essential skills and standards into enriching, engaging, and empowering learning experiences.

After that comes team. Looking for ways to contribute to and work with the educational team at grade level, school, system, and the broader professional learning network (PLN).

All of this work will be supported by steady, weekly professional learning including independent study, interacting with my PLN, attendance at workshops and conferences, application, reflection, assessment, and revision.

Increased communication, organization, and goal setting support this more peaceful, steady pace in the educational landscape, a place that continues to call forth the best of what educators can do with a sense of camaraderie and care.