Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Trump is a hateful socio-path

 Trump is a hateful socio-path that abuses everyone in his midst for his self-gain all the time. 

He does not own his disastrous, hateful, murderous words or actions. He spreads propaganda and lies all the time to prop up his personal wealth, power, privilege, and pleasure. 

He and his deadly, destructive, inhumane team use and abuse everyone and anything they can get their hands on. 

Anyone that does any research will find that to be the truth.

And so many people have suffered due to his hateful, inhumane ways.

To gain power, he ensured that wealthy people like him would continue to enjoy their wealth and power, and he stepped on the little people instead--he created havoc in the lives of good, everyday people while he propped up the wealth and privilege of his cronies. 

He doesn't care about the everyday people, and he knows he can step on us because we don't have a lot of power. So that's what he did. He caged poor immigrants and creaed hate for them. That hate speech even incited a massacre in El Paso that took the lives of many everyday people. He supported White supremacists time and again,leading to murder in Charlottesville, Kenosha, and at the Capitol. He did not work for a peaceful transfer of power, but instead incited a deadly domestic terrorist event at The Capitol that killed people, injured many people, vandalized the Capitol, terrorized and unjustly obstructed the confirmation of a fair, legal election. 

We must keep our eyes on Trump and his deadly, unjust, hateful family and cronies. Joe Biden must appoint a commission to fully investigate his crimes and hold Trump and his family members and cronies responsible. 

We cannot let inhumanity, hate, and divide like Trump's continue in the United States. He and his adult family members and cronies are truly evil. We can't forget that. `